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Back to School in Sioux Falls

Back to school in a day: It's possible here.

So you’ve put it off. Dreaded it. And now, there’s no avoiding it. Fortunately, back-to-school relief is as easy as one trip to Dawley Farms. 

Take the burden out of back-to-school bedtimes

While it might seem that summer vacation just began, “back to school” is fast approaching. The transition from the flexibility of summer schedules to the specific routines of the school year can be difficult for children and parents alike. Our friends at Avera have some advice.

Six things you didn't know your college place needed

College living takes some adjusting. But whether you’re a freshman setting up the dorm or a senior settling back into an apartment, we found some must-have items you might not have thought to bring along.

Teachers: This back-to-school Saturday is for you

Who says back-to-school shopping season is just for kids? Teachers, this Saturday Aug. 11 your one stop for back-to-school is Dawley Farm Village. Avoid congestion, get great deals and take advantage of these special offers just for you.

Back to school on a budget: Five finds for you

Going back to school definitely doesn't have to break the bank. If you're the type who likes to make your budget stretch, you'll love these five finds at Dawley Farms.

Dreading back-to-school shopping? Read this first.

Is the only thing worse than losing the warm, fun-filled days of summer the idea of back-to-school shopping? We can help.

Kids going stir crazy this summer? We can help.

Are you -- and your kids -- running out of fun ways to pass the time this summer? We can help.

Is Your Child Ready to Be Home Alone After School?

When school is back in session, parents once again must make plans for those couple of hours between the last school bell of the day and your return home.

Back-to-school at Kidtopia means fun finds, great deals

Is there really anything better for a kid than going back-to-school shopping at a toy store?

Better sleep for back to school

Back to school signals a routine for your family, and establishing earlier bedtimes for your kids might be on the list.

Four ways to stay in style this fall

Whether you’re heading to high school or college, back to work for the fall or are a teacher returning to the classroom, Mainstream Boutique at Dawley Farms has something to complete every outfit.

Elementary through college: What to save at every age

You’re probably in the thick of buying school supplies and fall wardrobes, but have you thought about your finances this back-to-school season?

Head back to college in style with these dorm décor tips

These ideas prove it is possible to turn a small, maybe sterile, space, into a comfortable and fun spot for college.

Kids going stir-crazy in late summer? This can help.

Have you found yourself counting down the days until school starts? We can help.


Top back-to-school trends according to Pinterest

 Want to know what’s trending for elementary kids? Just ask Pinterest.