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Keep kids creative with these fun activities

But fall is a great time to focus on keeping kids creative. One researcher who studies creativity at the College of William & Mary found creativity is declining among all kids, but especially among those in kindergarten through third grade.

Our friends at Avera Medical Group report some possible reasons why:
  • Too much organized time and not enough free time
  • Too much technology and screen time
  • A relentless focus on performance in schools 
So we did some searching at Dawley Farms to find some fun ways to boost your kids’ creative thinking. You might like giving it a try, too!

Kidtopia at Dawley Farms has limitless options for fall activities. It was hard for us to choose, but here were some of our favorites:
  • Play chef and run your own pretend restaurant with play food by Melissa & Doug. Prepare a pizza, customize a birthday cake, or practice pretend grilling with a shelf full of options.
  • Design & Drill toys are so fun kids won’t even realize how much they’re learning. Create custom designs with a real working kid-safe drill. And check out the flower power studio for girls!
  • Put on a show with some of the best hand puppets you can find. Each set includes four puppets and everything from farm animals to first responders.
Want to get creative on a budget? Target has some terrific fall and Halloween DIY crafts. Find them up front in the bargain section.
We liked the make-your-own mummy jar kit ($3) and the decorative pumpkin stickers ($1).

For more ideas on keeping kids creative as they settle back in at school, Avera Medical Group has some great tips. See them here.