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Easy ways to get organized in 2017


We can help at Dawley Farms, with lots of items and easy ways to declutter, destress and start the year off feeling a little more together.

Here’s how simple it can be! (If you want to know more, the guide above is available at Target).

Put a small, open basket in areas that tend to clutter. One on your coffee table could hold remote controls and chargers. One at your desk could take care of small office supplies. We liked this one from Kohl’s.

Put a trash can in every room. Any time something is empty, damaged or never used, toss it right away.
You can find all varieties at Target.

Try a two-compartment hamper to sort lights and darks as you use clothing. Including in the kids’ rooms! This one is from Kohl’s.

Use a small flower pot with a drip tray near your sink for sponges and steel wool. Try it for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Do your magazines and file pile up? Try a file box like this one from Target.

Keep a step stool in or next to your closet. This one from Burlington works great.

Invest in a jewelry organizer (or an additional jewelry organizer). The hanging ones, like this one from Kohl’s, offer all kinds of compartments.  

Keep a container like this one from Target for charity donations in the trunk of your car. When it’s full, drop it off.

Happy (slightly more organized) 2017!