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Perfect gifts for preschoolers

Preschoolers can be tough to buy for at Christmas.

It’s usually not because they have short lists! But if you’re trying to get away from toys that will put them in front of a screen or be tied to popular movies or TV shows, Avera and Kidtopia can help you out.

Here are some ideas from Doniese Wilcox, a certified family life educator at Avera McKennan.

It just so happens we found toys at Kidtopia Dawley Farms for all her suggestions! To read her complete advice, click here.

Now, onto the gift list.

Dress-up Toys

Dressing up and pretending helps kids define roles, work through scary or stressful situations and learn about cooperation and negotiation. A nearby shatterproof mirror will enhance their play.

We love all these options for playing dress-up at Kidtopia -- including their great selection of hand puppets that make playing pretend even easier.

Play Kitchen and Accessories
Imitation and imagination in play develop creativity and problem-solving skills, Wilcox says. Language skills are enhanced when children names foods and tools in the play kitchen and engage in play that requires conversation. There can be math involved, too!

No matter what your child’s taste, Kidtopia has them covered with these play food options.

Blocks and Building Toys

Investing in a set of building toys can definitely pay off. They last nearly forever and teach basic physics skills like balance, weight, gravity, as well as geometry skills like angles and equality. When you add toy vehicles, people and animals to blocks, you give children another avenue for dramatic play and pretending.

You can even let your kids try some out before buying at Kidtopia.

Plus, our friends at Kidtopia will show you more fun and educational options in these videos!