Holiday Finds

Holiday Finds Sioux Falls

Dawley Farms is giving away a Hatchimal!

If you haven’t heard of Hatchimals, it probably won’t be long before you’re looking for one too.

That is, at least, if you have any kids on your holiday shopping list this year.

Hatchimals are part stuffed animal, part electronic toy and 100 percent sure to be a hit with kids (OK, and maybe adults) of all ages!

Your Hatchimal arrives in its colorful egg, and you literally will watch it hatch to life. As you tap, it taps back. Turn it upside down and watch its eyes light up with surprise from inside the egg.

Once it hatches, the fun really begins. You will raise your Hatchimal from baby to toddler to kid. And watch it walk, talk, dance and play games along the way!

The only question is: Which Hatchimal will you hatch?

Target stores – including our own Target at Dawley Farms – are the only stores to offer the special Bearakeet Hatchimal. It hatches in one of two colors and is part bear, part parakeet.

It’s also very hard to find, but we have one to give away at Dawley Farms!

Find our post on Facebook, share it with your friends, and comment telling us why you would like to win our special Hatchimal.

If you win, we’ll invite your lucky child (who must live within an hour of Sioux Falls!) to a Dawley holiday celebration where we will watch you hatch your Hatchimal and share it with all our shoppers!

Thanks for entering, and happy holidays!